Dialing Up Our Resistance: Two Progressive Juggernauts Join Forces

Creative Majority’s Daily Action To Work With MoveOn to Fight Extremism

Washington DC — Today, Creative Majority PAC, sponsor and operator of Daily Action, announced that it will join forces with MoveOn.org in a move that will empower America’s grassroots resistance in its fight against President Trump’s extremist agenda. Daily Action, the calling service that went viral after Trump’s election, has dominated Capitol Hill phone lines, challenging members of Congress to fight back against Trump’s biggest threats to democracy and attacks on front line communities. It has connected over one million calls to those in power, totaling nearly four million minutes in the last nine months. MoveOn is the largest progressive grassroots advocacy organization in America, and has become a pillar of the resistance by mobilizing its millions of members to fight the Trump agenda since before his inauguration.

Under the new collaborative arrangement, MoveOn will provide resources and strategic direction to assist Creative Majority PAC in maximizing the impact of Daily Action on broader resistance efforts. With the addition of MoveOn’s research, writing, rapid response and political savvy, Creative Majority PAC will be able to scale up Daily Action for the fights ahead.

“Resisting extremism is a group effort and together we will be unstoppable. As we face an onslaught of daily threats, progressives need to join forces to win and we hope to inspire more collaboration among resistance groups,” said Scott Goodstein, co-founder of Creative Majority PAC. “Daily Action has proven that the American people are motivated to participate in our democracy in a very pro-active way. By making phone call activism easier than ever, Daily Action played a leading role in almost every progressive victory since Trump was elected. Now it’s time for Daily Action to grow, and there is no better ally to maximize the power of our resistance army than MoveOn.”

“Every day, Daily Action helps more than a quarter million people play their part in resisting this racist and authoritarian administration,” said Mark Crain, MoveOn’s Mobile Innovation Director. “We’re eager to work with Creative Majority PAC to build on the success of Daily Action in encouraging people to make calls, sign petitions, and show up for rallies and protests to stop Trump however they can. This will lead to more wins, which means fewer people harmed by the Trump agenda.”

Daily Action was launched, under the auspices of Creative Majority PAC, by Laura Moser, who was so inspired by the experience that she decided to run for Congress in her hometown of Houston, TX. Creative Majority and Creative Majority PAC are progressive organizations dedicated to incubating creative activism. Through early support and funding, Creative Majority empowers creative-minded Americans to do what they do best: create art and use it to drive progressive activism. In addition to Daily Action, Creative Majority also incubated Lady Parts Justice, which has grown to become a pro-choice comedy tour de force fighting to protect reproductive access. Other projects include viral hits like Drunk Dial Congress, WhiteHouseInc.org, and most recently Project Scholl, which plastered Washington DC with resistance art.

“The conventional wisdom was that daily texts and actions were too much, no one would sign up for that, but conventional wisdom was dead wrong. Americans joined Daily Action in droves and day after day, month after month, they continued making those calls,” added Keegan Goudiss, co-founder of Creative Majority PAC. “Americans are eager to do their part to fight extremism and we are thrilled to collaborate with MoveOn to expand opportunities for activism and further amplify the voices of the resistance.”

Daily Action callers have contributed to victories such as blocking Obamacare repeal with more than 250,000 calls equivalent to 571 days in call time; ousting Steve Bannon with more than 44,000 calls and thousands more denouncing white supremacy; more than 80,000 constituent calls to Congress calling for a special counsel in the Russia/Trump investigation totaling over 265,000 connected minutes; flooding Trump’s business council with thousands of calls until it was forced to disband under the pressure; defeating ExxonMobil’s request for a sanctions waiver so that they could drill for oil in Russia; Republicans walking back their plans to gut the Congressional ethics office; Congressman Darrell Issa calling for a special prosecutor to look into Russia ties on the same day Daily Action connected nearly 19,000 calls to the House Judiciary Committee urging a special prosecutor; Attorney General Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation the same day Daily Action connected nearly 20,000 protest calls on his Russia ties; Trump’s first nominee for Labor Secretary, Andrew Puzder, withdrew his nomination after losing support from Senators on both sides of the aisle after Daily Action connected over 35,000 calls to Congress to fight the nomination; and delays to several Trumpcare votes and confirmation hearings. Actions have been shared on social media hundreds and thousands of times.

Daily Action is owned and operated by Creative Majority PAC. Daily Action’s communications are powered by Revolution Messaging, known for running digital operations for Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Chris Murphy and organizations like Teamsters, Americans For Responsible Solutions, and Women’s Heart Alliance.

Creative Majority is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization founded in 2012. Creative Majority PAC is a federal political action committee founded in 2016.

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